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Chicy Chic discusses Peachy Perfect Skin
Peachy Perfect Skin

A California-based skincare salon recently opened a location in Montgomery and is changing the way local ladies see and treat their skin.

Beautiful, healthy, flawless skin – it’s what everyone wants. And according to Lisa Pfeiffer, it’s something that everyone can get. Since Pfeiffer’s been working in the skincare industry for more than 28 years, it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.

Pfeiffer started in the beauty industry at a tender age of 18 in Santa Barbara, California, “doing everyone’s hair and makeup in the neighborhood,” she recalls. “It was something that came easy to me and something I loved learning about.”

Over time, she learned the effects that makeup could have on the skin and wanted to find a way to keep skin healthy and beautiful. With what she discovered through research, Pfeiffer decided to open her own skincare salon, now called Peaches Skincare, in Santa Barbara.

“The thought came to me one day that I don’t want to have to wear any makeup when I’m old,” says Pfeiffer. “I want it to be as healthy and vibrant as it is now. So much of what we put on our face isn’t good for it. I want to help people realize that.”

As her daughter moved to Ohio for college at The Ohio State University and stayed in Ohio for a job, Pfeiffer began making frequent visits to Ohio, specifically Cincinnati. She quickly decided she needed to offer her services and expertise to Cincinnati women as well. Peaches now has two salons: the original location in California, and the second located in Montgomery right across from the Montgomery Inn.

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Peaches Skin Care Profile

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Kelly raves about Peaches Skin Care
“It’s been my goal for a while to highlight so many of the awesome independently owned small businesses in Santa Barbara, and first up is the sweetest location, Peaches Skincare. I’ve experienced the “Peaches” way and I’m never going back to my old beauty routine. The products are gentle and completely all natural. The owner Lisa, knows a thing or two about skincare and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. Take it away, Lisa:”

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October 28, 2011 found Lisa Pfeiffer of Peaches Skin Care on Santa Barbara Press TV as a call-in expert on the Jacquie Jordan radio show with guest host Chelsea Krost. We hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as Lisa enjoyed doing it and we know you’ll find it very informative.

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