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Long Beach Skin CarePeaches Skin Care made its debut in Long Beach, CA in mid 2016, settling into a beautiful, historical building in the Long Beach suburb of Naples.  We are so excited to offer our unique services to the greater Long Beach area!

Bottom line — no one does what we do. We have over 25 years of experience and results using our signature facial. We use all natural products produced specifically for Peaches Skin Care that contain pure antioxidant ingredients. We stand absolutely 100% behind what we do, and our number one goal is improving clients’ skin and providing them with a routine that will maintain that perfect Peaches glow!

We are easily accessible from the highway and all Long Beach neighborhoods.  Long Beach Skin Care from Peaches can be found just a minute from downtown Long Beach.

Here you will find the only facial of its kind in Long Beach and our experience has been that residents of Long Beach welcomed us with open arms!

Peaches Skin Care Long Beach clients have seen dramatic results since opening the salon in Long Beach – from the clearing of lifelong cystic acne, to the disappearance of wrinkles and sun spots.

Peaches Skin Care Long Beach can truly help all ages and all skin conditions. If you live outside of Long Beach, do not let that stop you. We have clients driving from Belmont Heights, Marina Pacifica, Alamitos Beach, the University and even further. Rest assured, it is worth the drive!

Peaches is excited to continue to grow and help even more clients here in Long Beach. If you are looking for a facial experience you won’t find anywhere else in Long Beach, we would love to hear from you! The number to our Long Beach salon is 562-386-2222.  You can also reach us via email at info@peaches-naples.com.

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A message from Long Beach Skin Care Owner Lisa Pfeiffer

I have been in the skin care and beauty industry for almost 30 years. I have had the privilege of working in every facet of the industry-from my beginnings as a makeup and makeover artist working with brands such as Lancome, Estee lauder, Clinique and Adrien Arpel, to having the privilege of working with the finest dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons in the industry.

I have worked in salons, with professional athletes, models, actors and actresses as well as traveling to private homes in LA. What did I notice with each new experience? That no matter how much make up you applied and how many injectables or procedures or products you suggested to a client, the results would always be the same. You can’t HIDE, COVER, SCRAPE, LASER, INJECT, or IGNORE the real reasons for bad, pre-maturely aged, acne ridden and scarred skin. You must know what the skin does to protect itself and why.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the filtration system and the protector of internal organs. It wants to be nourished, fed and loved.

I would notice each time a patient came into the physician’s office or walked up to the cosmetic counter, that he or she was never asked about what they were using as their regime at home. Did they wear foundation? Change their pillow case every night? Wash the product out of their hair? Travel to a new place with different flora, fauna, bacteria, or fungus? You get the picture. Instead people are taught invasive procedures and given products that are full of color, fragrance, and chemicals and have no antioxidants or nourishment for the skin.

When I gave a facial to a beautiful, well-known model and noticed how terrible her skin was, I found out she had been getting her zits injected; making the skin collapse and dent. She had also been taking medication for over five years. I knew I had to find a way to truly cleanse the skin deeply and get immediate results for my clients that didn’t further damage their inner or outer body.

In the past 25 years I have honed and detailed ONE very specific facial. Add in our products filled with pure antioxidants and continual client education and training of our MASTER estheticians, I have created the highest standard in the industry. We have been able to transform skin beginning from the very first visit and the very first wash. We don’t just sell hope – we stand with you through the process of new, beautiful, healthy skin.

My belief is simple- non invasive procedures, no peels, no lasers, no injectables, no pills, no foundation. NATURAL is BEAUTIFUL! We make it so your skin doesn’t have to be covered up, pulled back, scraped, burned or chemically changed in any way.

We love your skin and teach it to heal itself, breathe, live and renew!

Changing your skin can completely transform your life and how you feel.

Quite simply let us be the catalyst to begin feeling good again. We will be with you on your journey to feeling confident and taking care of your inner and outer self.

Come visit me at Peaches Skin Care Long Beach…!